***Online Therapy and Parent Supports Available***

I am providing safe online therapy for kids and parents to support you and your child through this time.

It’s almost like they are speaking another language! Young children’s behaviors, their emotional reactions, their fears and worries can be dumbfounding and frustrating at times. Many parents wonder if there is really something wrong. Why is their child hurting others? Why are they so unhappy and difficult? They just want them to be happier, more enjoyable, and easier. The parents I work with come to me because they want to understand their child better and they want to be able to manage their child’s behaviors. They want to be in the therapy room, to learn what works. I help to build the bridge of understanding between parents and children. It’s even been said, “It’s like you are a translator and you translate what she/he is saying to us.”

Hello, I’m April Galligan

I provide parent and child therapy, specializing in young children from birth to 8 years old. Working with me, you can expect to receive therapy for you and your young child that focuses on creating a healthy and happy relationship with more moments of joy and peace. This happens by improving your understanding of one another and decreasing the stress and angst you feel around each other. For more information check out About Me

Child behaviors and challenges that can be addressed through parent-child therapy include some of the following …

  • Hitting,
  • Not listening
  • Tantrums
  • Fighting with siblings and peers
  • Fussy babies or toddlers
  • Not sleeping or trouble falling asleep
  • Hyperactivity or attention difficulties
  • Difficulty with separation
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Sadness and irritability
  • Family change or disruption
  • Grief/loss
  • A history of trauma, including birth trauma, medical trauma, historical or family trauma
  • School difficulties

Why Attachment-Based Therapy?

The early years of any person’s life will establish relationship patterns for an entire lifetime.  As children develop they learn how to be in the world through the relationships they have with parents, caregivers, and close adults.  From birth, children begin to develop their understanding of the world and of themselves.  The interactions they have with adults help to form who they are, their ability to handle big emotions, as well as their ability to feel calm and confident today and tomorrow. Attachment-based therapy looks at the importance of the parent or caregiver and brings them into the room, providing a two generation approach in order to help support both parents and children to develop confidence, ease at home, and enjoyment in relationships.

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