Attachment-Based Therapy in Colorado

We are a team of experienced therapists who provide mental health services to parents, young children (birth-10), tweens and teens, and young adults with the mission to improve relationships and increase feelings of secure attachment (feeling safe in relationships, feeling reciprocated love and care, feeling comfortable in the belief that everyone is worthy of love and everyone can feel confident in themselves to grow and explore the world).




We feel…

Children have a lot to say and their voices should be heard. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear them though. Sometimes the people who love them and care for them need support to see and to hear what they are saying.

And sometimes people grow up feeling unheard or unseen and this leaves a wound worthy of attention.

We believe…

Children and families of all backgrounds and all types are important. We believe that the journey and the story of each and every family we work with is significant and unique. We believe you should be held and helped in the best way for you – considering the impacts of history, society, and independent family culture.

We know..

Parents want the best for their children. Sometimes it’s hard to be a parent – to show how intensely we feel about our children and how much we want for them. It’s tough to know when to lean in and when to back off. Parents work tirelessly to give their children the best chance at life possible.

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We understand…

The parent-child relationship is an important space where a lot of personal healing can take place. The importance of mental wellness and mental health begins so much earlier than most people believe. Infants are impacted by the caregiver relationships they experience and the environments where they spend most of their time. While the first three years shape our attachment and influence our self-esteem greatly, it is never too late to build the feeling of love, nurture, and understanding needed to feel healthy and safe in the world.

Providing Parent-Child Therapy in Denver Colorado

At UpliftME Attachment-Based Therapy we work with children, young adults, and families from birth to 25 – healing relationships and the pain that can result when parents and children struggle.

As we all have discovered this past year, relationships are very important for our well-being. While it might have felt like you’ve spent all of your time with the ones you love most, it might have also felt like you’ve never been so disconnected, angry, or uncomfortable with one another.

Families have struggled through this pandemic and children are struggling in ways the adults in their lives feel helpless to fix.

Young adults have been isolated and alone, all while trying to grow into themselves during an already difficult part of life.

Everyone has tried to continue with school, work, and home, but it’s been difficult and our relationships have suffered. Therapy seems like a good answer to these new challenges and to this depth of pain and discomfort. Therapy for relationships could be the best option and considering attachment and the parent-child relationship has never been more relevant to how young people are coping during this time.

At UpliftME Attachment-Based Therapy we want to help you and your child. We want to help the babies, the grade schoolers, teenagers, and young adults who are feeling depressed, anxious, and angry, but also afraid of being away from their homes, away from their parents and comforts, and afraid of the unknown of tomorrow.