If you are trying to improve the relationship you have with your child or family, are a parent concerned about your child’s behaviors, or if you are a mom or dad with a new baby looking for support, you’ve come to the right place.

Things can be better and we can work together to get there.  

Why Attachment-Based Counseling?

The first three years of a person’s life can establish relationship patterns for a lifetime.  As children develop they learn how to be in the world through the relationships they have with parents, caregivers, and close adults.  These relationships can be challenging at times, despite our best efforts, but understanding these challenges and where they come from can create a starting place for change.  From birth, children begin to develop their understanding of the world.  The interactions they have with adults help to form who they are, their ability to handle big emotions, as well as their ability to feel calm and confident.  The best news in all of this, is that we can create change by building on these important relationships at any age.

Who Can Be Helped?

  • Parents
  • Children ages birth to 10
  • Families
  • Any parent, parent-child duo, or family wanting to feel better in relationships
  • Parents wanting to provide a different experience from their own childhood and the parent-child relationship they experienced
  • Children who are experiencing challenges at home, school, and/or play with others
  • Parents seeking strategies for behavioral management or education on parenting techniques
  • Mothers and/or fathers with newborn infants experiencing feelings of worry, doubt, sadness, anxiety, pain, or fear

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