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    Join The Team

    We have grown and continue to grow as the word gets out about UpliftME!  After all, we are doing things a little bit differently than your traditional mental health center.  

    Our amazing team is a genuinely passionate, educated, and motivated bunch, and we are always appreciative of clinicians who align with our values.  

    We believe in mental health therapy that sits outside of the medical model of mental health – no diagnoses required. Relationships is where it is at.  Babies have mental health. Attachment is more than a buzz word and actually matters in how we view our role as clinicians.  Our own families and work-life balance is important as we support others.  We all deserve and need to feel valued and important.  

    We’d love to hear more from you if you’re as passionate about these things as we are.

    There are no current positions open at this time, but we hope you keep checking in.

    If you are a therapist who loves working with kids and families, but could use a little more support, we offer group supervision and consultation.  We’d love to have you join us!