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  • Parent Support Groups and Education

    “I don’t want to parent the way I was parented!  But I’m not sure how to do it better.”

    We hear this from many of the parents we support either in therapy or with parent education.  All of us have been children and many of us know exactly what we don’t want to pass along to our own children. 

    We know that parents have a big job, and it’s one that doesn’t come with any training.  Here at UpliftME we also offer parent support groups and educational opportunities.

    We have a several parent groups open!

    • Adoptive Parents Support Group

    • Circle of Security Parenting for parents with young children


    Why You Should Attend

    Often parents are looking for something other than therapy.  It can feel great to be in a group with other parents who understand what your are going through.  Groups at UpliftME also provide opportunities to learn new strategies and to feel more connected to your child.

    Our adoptive parent support group has been created to help support and encourage adoptive families no matter where they are in their adoption.         

    Circle of Security Parenting is an evidence based parent group that uses attachment theory to gain a better understanding of young children and their behaviors.


    More Information:

    Our adoption support group is hosted and facilitated by Beth Carter, LPCC.  Beth is a therapist at UpliftME and she is also an adopted individual herself. has conducted graduate level research regarding how adoption can impact the teenage brain and will be a presenter this year at the Heritage Camp for domestic adoption in Estes Park.

    Circle of Security groups are offered by therapists April Galligan, LCSW and LaDaiju Velez, LCSW.  Both have an expertise in early childhood development and attachment. Both have also received the training required through Circle of Security International.

    Where: We are always interested in hearing from parents looking for a group – location or virtual groups will be determined based on parent interest and need.

    Cost: $35 per group

    Details: Groups are open to anyone interested in attending. Contact the main number or email to register.

    Call or Email Today to Register!


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    •  Understand your child’s behavior through their attachment needs
    • Help your child develop a sense of security and confidence
    • Address undesirable behaviors more effectively than using punishments and rewards

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