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    • Adoptive Parents Support Group

    • Adopted Teen Group

    • Trauma-Informed Yoga

    Why You Should Attend

    Often people are looking for something other than individual therapy.  It can feel great to be in a group with other people who understand what your are going through.  Groups at UpliftME also provide opportunities to learn new strategies and to feel more connected to yourself and/or your child.

    More Information:

    Our adoption support group is hosted and facilitated by Beth Carter, LPCC.  They are offered virtually.  Beth is a therapist at UpliftME and she is also an adopted individual herself.   She has conducted graduate level research regarding how adoption can impact the teenage brain and was a presenter this year at the Heritage Camp for domestic adoption in Estes Park.

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    Our trauma-informed yoga group is a therapy group run by our therapist Kerry Murphy, LSW RYT200.  She is mental health therapist and a yoga instructor with experience supporting how the body holds and processes trauma, fear, and anxiety.  She will help attendees connect with their body and breath to feel safer and more grounded.  She will also provide education and support on strategies to help those who have experienced trauma, fear and anxiety.

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    •  Understand your child’s behavior through their attachment needs
    • Help your child develop a sense of security and confidence
    • Address undesirable behaviors more effectively than using punishments and rewards

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