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    Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Partnerships

     Reflective Supervision and Consultation

    Several therapists at UpliftME are endorsed as Infant and Early Childhood mental health providers.  We can provide opportunities for consultation and reflective supervision to support your growth as an infant or early childhood mental health provider. We’d also be happy to schedule a once or twice consultation to just get you started down this path.

    UpliftME has partnered with various community programs to support their staff individually or in a group setting. Examples include community mental health centers, home visiting programs, and early childhood preschools.


    Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

    Preschools and childcare settings can benefit from having a mental health consultant available.  We contract directly with programs who would like this level of support.  Consultants are experts in child development and behavior management from a mental health lens.

    Areas of support include:

    • Observations and recommendations for individual children who are struggling
    • Classroom observations and recommendations (get another perspective about what might be going on)
    • Support for administrators dealing with challenging relationships
    • Teacher and Caregiver support to manage burn-out and overwhelm in regards to classroom and behavior management
    • Building solid and healthy partnerships with parents

    Parent Classes

    Many parents are looking for opportunities to connect and feel supported and community programs are trying to meet this need.  Consultants are available to provide classes on-site and in partnership with your school or early childhood program.  If you have a grant you are trying to fulfill and you’d like to partner with one of our parenting experts we’d be happy to connect.

    Possible Parent Class Topics:

    • Child Development and what to expect
    • Circle of Security
    • Behavior Management
    • Positive Discipline
    • Nurturing Parent
    • Managing your own calm in the storm of childhood tantrums
    • Parenting techniques that work
    • How to enjoy your parent time with your child
    • Many more upon request!

    If you are interested in any of these opportunities to partner with UpliftME please call or email today.  You will receive a return call or email to answer your questions and discuss the specifics of your needs.

    We love working with community partners and value the work you do!