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  • Kerry Murphy, BS, MSW Candidate

    What I’m passionate about…

    • The mind and body connection
    • The Animal and Human bond (working towards certification in animal-assisted therapy)


    My name is Kerry Murphy and I am a clinician at UpliftME Attachment-Based Therapy.  As a newer therapist, I can provide low-cost therapy to most and free therapy to Medicaid clients.

    I enjoy watching anime and expressing myself through painting and sculpting. I also love spending time in nature, specifically hiking 14ers and finding refreshing hot springs. Recently, I picked up rollerblading and have enjoyed rediscovering the unstoppable freedom I felt as a kid blading through the neighborhood. 

    I am passionate about the mind-body connection as well as the human-animal bond. As a yoga instructor, I have seen and experienced the power of cultivating a compassionate relationship between your mind and body. As a competitive gymnast, I learned valuable skills like discipline and facing your fears. However; I also experienced the extreme side of using your mind to control your body in an attempt to achieve the impossibility of perfection. By genuinely listening to what my body had to say, I discovered how to take care of myself in a healthy and balanced way. Additionally, I am an animal lover, especially dogs! Despite having experience training law enforcement and search and rescue canines, I am always so much more amazed by the subtle powers of therapeutic and service dogs. My dog, Casey taught me the meaning of unconditional love and support without ever saying a word (I would be concerned if she did!). In the future, I strive to partner with a furry friend to continue facilitating the healing process! 

    I received my bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Justice Studies at Drexel University and am in the last year of my master’s in Social Work program at the University of Denver. I have worked with children and parents by meeting their individual needs across practice settings. I served as a clinician at the Juvenile Assessment Center where I assessed at-risk youth and recommended resources within their community. I have navigated the educational, child welfare, and juvenile justice systems within multiple counties of Colorado. I have also been a gymnastics coach for 3-17 year olds who I can thank for my communication skills with young aspiring gymnasts and their caregivers. 

    I am very excited to connect and work together on your goals and needs!