About Me

April Galligan, LCSW, IMH-E


The comment I receive most from those I’ve worked with is noticing my calm presence.  People say, “I really appreciate your gentle and patient voice, your calm presence, your passion for what you do and your confidence.”   

I have a strong belief that helping young children and their parents survive and thrive emotionally and playfully will allow them to experience life exceptionally.

I am also a parent, experiencing profound love and joy along with moments of exhaustion and irritation like anyone else.  With my unique experience of having a baby in the NICU and a child with a life-long disability, I bring additional perspective and support.  My family is my foundation and drives my practice and devotion to helping others.

I enjoy working with kids and parents and can’t imagine doing anything else.  My work as a child and family therapist brings me happiness and a sense of contribution to the future and the world every single day.