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    About UpliftME

    We are a team of experienced therapists who provide mental health therapy specializing in relationships.  

    Therapists provide support to parents and children, babies and new parents, couples, families, and individuals looking to improve how they feel in relationship with others.

    Our Values 

    We Feel...

    Children have a lot to say and their voices should be heard. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear them though. Sometimes the people who love them and care for them need support to see and hear what they are saying.

    Sometimes people grow up feeling unheard or unseen and this leaves a wound worthy of attention.

    We Know...

    Parents want the best for their children. Sometimes it’s hard to be a parent – to show how intensely we feel about our children and how much we want for them. It’s tough to know when to lean in and when to back off. Parents work tirelessly to give their children the best chance at life possible.

    We Believe...

    Children, adults, and families of all backgrounds and all types are important. We believe that the journey and the story of each and every person and family we work with is significant and unique. We believe you should be held and helped in the best way for you – considering the impacts of history, society, and independent family culture.

    We Understand...

    The parent-child relationship is an important space where a lot of personal healing can take place. The importance of mental wellness and mental health begins so much earlier than most people believe. Infants are impacted by the caregiver relationships they experience and the environments where they spend most of their time. While the first three years shape our attachment and influence our self-esteem greatly, it is never too late to build the feeling of love, nurture, and understanding needed to feel healthy and safe in the world.  Relationships can be healing.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to improve relationships and increase feelings of secure attachment (feeling safe in your relationships, feeling reciprocated love and care, believing that you are worthy of love and that you can confidently grow and explore the world).

    We're here for you.

    Our therapists understand the importance of your experience with your parents and how it impacts you today. Our earliest relationships form the blueprint for our future relationships, and even how we parent our own children.   

    Some therapy focuses only on the child or only on supporting parents, we work with both. When you call to get into services we will work with you to establish a plan that involves everyone needed for you and your child to feel better together, to understand each other.  Or for you to feel healthier in relationships, as you have left the confines of your parent-child relationship, and have entered the world to find what you need.

    In the Circle of Security the authors talk about “Being With” your child. They describe this as the following – “we learn to manage feelings (for example, anger, sadness, fear, joy, shame, and curiosity) by experiencing the sponsorship of an adult who is with us in the feeling rather than staying outside the feeling and focusing only on our behavior.”

    Circle of Security, The Balance of Being-With, 2016

    Meet the Team

    LaDaiju Velez, LCSW

    LaDaiju Velez, LCSW

    Hiya! I’m LaDaiju. You’re probably thinking, “how the heck do I say that?” It’s pronounced la-day-ja! Kind of like “deja vu,” which is ironically my hope – to see you again! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a trained doula and lactation consultant...
    Beth Carter, LPCC

    Beth Carter, LPCC

    Hi, my name is Beth Carter, and I am a therapist at UpliftME Attachment-Based Therapy, working with children, teens, adults and families. While I have a soft spot in my heart for those touched by adoption, I do not work exclusively with adoption issues....
    Heather Hyland, LCSW, ECMH-E®

    Heather Hyland, LCSW, ECMH-E®

    Hi, I’m Heather Hyland, Clinical Supervisor and Therapist at UpliftMe. I am a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in early childhood mental health and parent support. I am passionate about family mental health...
    Kerry Murphy, LSW, RYT200

    Kerry Murphy, LSW, RYT200

    Hey! My name is Kerry and I am a therapist at UpliftME Attachment-Based Therapy. I am a firm believer that every person has something valuable to teach and also learn from others...
    April Galligan, LCSW, IMH-E®

    April Galligan, LCSW, IMH-E®

    Hi, I’m April Galligan, owner and therapist at UpliftME Attachment-Based Therapy. My clinical focus is working with children and families from birth to 10 years old and providing support to pregnant women and new parents...
    Kaley Blair, MFTC

    Kaley Blair, MFTC

    Hi there! I am Kaley Blair, a couples and family therapist at UpliftME Attachment-Based Therapy. As your couple’s therapist, you can expect...