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  • Katie Dulla, MFTC

    Early Childhood and Family Therapist

    What I’m passionate about…

    • Supporting children and families through their grief from loss
    • Providing opportunities to build on the mind/body connection
    • Guiding children and families in expressive therapies to include things like art and movement

    Hello and welcome! My name is Katie Dulla and I work with young children and families as a therapist at UpliftMe Attachment-Based Therapy. Activities that bring me joy include painting, paddle boarding, yoga and hiking with my husband, and, of course, playing with our silly and very spunky kitty. I have found that having both creative and physical outlets are not only enjoyable, but also essential to my well-being and inner peace. We recently relocated to from California to Colorado (much colder winters here!).

    While I have had the honor to work with children, adolescents and adults, my heart is in early childhood work. As a perfectionist and highly anxious child myself, I recognize that we all operate in unique ways. Our personalities, our temperaments and our abilities to cope are different. And yet, we all have a sacred story and one that deserves to be heard.

    Using a non-directive approach including play therapy and talk therapy, I support people in understand their feelings and forming safe relationships with others. When we learn this as children, we can better navigate life’s challenges. I have found this to be true whether working with children on the Autism Spectrum or adults suffering decades of substance abuse and trauma.

    I received my BA in psychology and studio art at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA and my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliant International University in Sacramento, CA. (I’m receiving supervision from…). I have experience working across settings including inpatient, outpatient, and home-based and community-based programs. I choose to do this work because I love making connections facilitating healing in others.

    Looking forward to meeting you and learning about your story!