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  • Christy Elwell, LCSW

    Bilingual Therapist for Teens and Young Adults

    What I’m passionate about…

    • Building ways to cope with Anxiety
    • Supporting teens and their families
    • Helping young adults emerging in their independence and redefining themselves in relationships
    • Providing clinical supervision to Colorado mental health professionals

    Hi there! My name is Christy Elwell, and I’m a bilingual therapist with UpliftMe Attachment-Based Therapy. I am a baking enthusiast and lover of the outdoors. I moved to Denver 15 years ago to get my master’s in social work and fell in love with the mountains and blue skies of Colorado that allow me to hike and garden so many days of the year. I love anything that allows me to be active and outside. Biking, yoga, gardening, running, walking my dog, these are all ways I enjoy being active. They are also activities that increase my experience of mindfulness and being present in the moment, which I greatly value.

    Teenagers and emerging adults are my passion. The years from adolescence to early adulthood are some of the most exciting and anxiety-provoking. All of us have experienced trauma in some way, and in our early formative years, the best way to heal those traumas is by working alongside the parent to increase feelings of secure attachment. With teens and emerging adults, the relationship they have with their caregiver’s is important, equally as important. However, so is the relationship they have with themselves and others. I enjoy promoting healing within the family system, and working one-on-one with teenagers and emerging adults.

    I received my BS in Social Work and Spanish from Bradley University in Peoria, IL and my Masters in Social Work from University of Denver, where I specialized in trauma and family systems work. I have had the pleasure of working with children of all ages and their families providing therapy in their homes and in office settings. I’ve also worked with doctors and providers in clinics and in schools to provide assessment, referrals and crisis management. I love supervising and helping grow others who are learning in the field. Above all, I appreciate the honor to work alongside children, emerging adults, and families to improve their relationships and their lives.