Infant and Toddler Mental Health – specialization in providing mental health therapy appropriate for children birth to 5 years old. Services will always involve parents and supporting both the parent and child together.

Trauma– I have been trained in several interventions that support adults and children in processing events that where traumatic. This might include the birth experience, medical interventions, car accidents, family dynamics/toxic relationships, as well as generational trauma passed down through parent-child relationships. Many people are surprised to hear that children can experience and be impacted by trauma at any age, even before they can verbally express themselves. This can look like behavioral challenges, but is often addressed through trauma treatment. Interventions include EMDR and Child Parent Psychotherapy.

Supervision – specializing in clinical supervision for mental health providers working with children and families, as well as reflective supervision for any provider working with infants and toddlers. I am endorsed by the Colorado Association for Infant Mental Health as a Mentor for clinical practice and have many years of experience providing both reflective and clinical supervision.