Young Adult Mental Health: 3 Barriers to Getting Help

Photo by cottonbro on Mental health issues can pop up at any point in our life. Currently, we are facing a mental health crisis throughout age groups. But a particularly hard-hit demographic is young adults. This is a time a lot of mental health issues begin to cause problems. Generally, when kids have behavioral… Continue reading Young Adult Mental Health: 3 Barriers to Getting Help

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Kids and Anxiety – One Common, Yet Surprising Cause

By now, most people are aware that the pandemic caused a massive spike in mental health problems, including that of children. But even before the pandemic, many kids experienced anxiety. It’s one of the most common issues that child therapists see. Anxiety can have many causes. And it can be difficult at times to narrow… Continue reading Kids and Anxiety – One Common, Yet Surprising Cause


Get to Know UpliftME – Spanish speaking, teen loving, baking enthusiast therapist, Christy Elwell

Spanish speaking therapist, Christy Elwell loves to work with teens and young adults. She has been partnering with teens, young adults, and parents for over a decade to help with depression and anxiety. She most recently joined the UpliftME Attachment-Based Therapy group practice.

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Stumbling After the Pandemic

Be Mindful of Mental Health Perils at the Finish Line Written by guest blogger, husband, and parent Peter Galligan for more articles written by Peter June 22, 2021 Photo by Andrew Neel on [Please note, this article is not intended as individual medical advice] Kelly Obsourne recently disclosed that she had a relapse… Continue reading Stumbling After the Pandemic